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49. eletchervxy   (2012-07-29 1:10 PM) E-mail
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After a week of sunshine, rain and the forecast of hail on the second day of competition affected the start of tennis on the lawn courts at Wimbledon and made for slippery conditions in the women's cycling road race.
It didn't seem to bother the swimmers. Lochte had the second-fastest time in qualifying for the 200-meter freestyle, the morning after his stunning win in a 400-meter individual medley final that will be famous for the fact Michael Phelps missed a medal.

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48. greeltobeta   (2012-07-18 12:10 PM) E-mail
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47. Orgaceace   (2012-07-07 3:15 AM) E-mail
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46. Assenersek   (2012-06-13 4:45 AM) E-mail

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43. Tymnbymnrab   (2012-06-08 1:39 PM) E-mail
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42. Tymnbymnrab   (2012-06-07 9:12 AM) E-mail
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