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Main » 2007 » October » 9 » The Chronicles of Riddick
The Chronicles of Riddick
11:48 AM
Category: GAMES | Views: 1181 | Added by: ganqstera | Rating: 5.0/2 |
Total comments: 1
1 Locky   [Entry]
That is like picking a frvtaioe song ! No way Jose' ! I too will need a list, in no particular order The 1st Matrix movie. Great concept with ground-breaking visuals, and yes the sequels were terrible. The original Planet of the Apes with Charleton Heston. Unsettling reversal, then more shocking at the end.Blade Runner . the scene when Rutger Hauer dies rips my heart out every time. The ambiance of this movie is amazing.Silent Running A poignant little film from the early 70 s with Bruce Dern on an atrium-type space ship tending the last vegetation from earth. I think the idea for R2D2 may have come from this one. Alien .. The new movie Prometheus was also a very nicely done prequel to this. The visual artwork of Giger is unsettling but you can't help looking at it. The story is brutal.Back to the Future Big fun with time travel. The Chuck Berry thing is hilarious. 12 Monkeys Great acting in a very quirky mirky story.The new Star Trek movie really nailed the personalities of the original Enterprise crew, and they are working on another movie. I think it is better than any of the other Star Trek movies !The 1st Terminator My firstborn watched that movie soooooooooo many times, he can recite the entire script word for word ! Predator The first one was intense. The sequels weren't bad, then they did the Alien vs Predator thing and it went down the toilet.Avatar was visually stunning, but the story was only Pocahontas re-done with overly tall smurf colored creatures. I think a bunch of the TV Sci-Fi had better story lines than the movies. (Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Outer Limits), but that is another post !I think that Super Hero movies are more Fantasy than Sci-Fi, but the lines are blurry Some other faves that are Fantasy but border on Sci-Fi Harry Potter each and every movie great in it's own right, wonderful storytelling and a visual feast. Best series ever.Indiana Jones ?The 1st Mummy ?Time Bandits the kid in me watches this once a yearWhat Dreams may Come Love Conquers all (even in the darkest places)Jack touchingI think I am now asking the question What is the difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy ?Thanks for the starter question Nicole, have great week !

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